Three areas of focus for recovery from trauma

Recovery from trauma can be a long, hard road. But it’s not an impossible road. It helps if you know where you’re going and how to get there. In this video, Carolyn breaks it down into three main areas of focus: dealing with our trauma responses, progressing our interrupted development, and resolving our attachment difficulties.

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Talking to Dissociative Parts

Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is the label we give to the way our brain adapts to growing up in an environment of chronic terror. It’s most often correlated to quite extreme childhood abuse that starts at a very young age. It’s both a developmental and a post-traumatic condition.

In this video, Carolyn Spring explains the issues around talking to dissociative parts of the personality ahead of her training day ‘Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice’.

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Three Meanings of Dissociation

What is dissociation? It’s a weird word with lots of meanings. In fact, someone once said that it seems to suffer from ‘multiple meaning disorder’! But it’s important to understand that dissociation is an entirely normal, natural process. It’s not something that goes wrong with the brain. It’s something that goes right. It’s what the brain is supposed to do under certain conditions.

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